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Christmas Balls with Logo – Price-list

Christmas balls with logos – a good and very pleasant corporate gift in the Eve of Christmas and New Year. You will spend little money and give much for pre-New Year satisfaction and joy! For some reason women get especially happy ☺

They always take Christmas balls made of glass with big care (in contrast to the plastic ones). They will not be stuffed in the furthest drawer but will be stored in the safest place – under the glass in the closet, on the shelf with medals (if you don’t have them yet – to the place where they will be stored) and so on.

We have a special offer for you –balls are cheaper in September and October – order earlierpay less (more information is available in the pricelist).

We offer balls in four different diameters: 65 mm, 80 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. The smaller diameter - the cheaper the ball is. However, our experience shows that there is a direct link to the number of copies – companies that order a small number usually choose a big diameter. Despite its price, total amount of expenses is not higher than the amount spent on office supplies. When balls are used as presents during promotions, small and medium dimensions are usually chosen.

Number of colours in the logo also results in price – the more colours are used for decoration, the pricier the souvenir is. Logo, picture, drawing or text can be applied in one colour or several colours, the shades of which may be chosen from the colour pallet Pantone.

Application of Logo.

We have some good news, too - the bigger the run, the lower the price is (for more details see our price-list).

For more delight to the eyes – order additional decorations around your logo.

It can be free of charge (if it is applied together with your logo)
or at some extra charge (if it is hand painted)

Balls can be packed into a separate box (we call it “The Snow Queen”) or packed in sets of two, three or four (the number of balls depends on their size – Santa Claus assistant (manager) will tell you more when you contact us). When properly packed a ball can be safely transported and has maximum protection.

So, you have to choose:

Actually – you don’t have to think – send us your logo in curves at the address: info@santaclaus.lt and our manager will contact you, specify the information, place an order and will deliver the final glass Christmas balls with your logo.

This year the delivery will be carried out on 10-12 of December.
Order in good time – don’t wait to the last minute – Santa will be grateful and favourable.
Orders will be accepted on or before 1st of December.

There are years we have lots of orders and we try to fulfil each order, so we do not accept orders that we will not be able to fulfil.
The factory reserves the right to stop accepting orders before 1st of December at any time.
All orders that have been approved and delivered for production, will be fulfilled and delivered in time.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


Price-list Lithuania 2016 in EURO

Run Dimension
65 mm 80 mm 100 mm 120 mm
October November October November October November October November
50 - - 4,50 6,25 5,00 7,50 7,50 10,50
100 2,00 2,25 3,00 3,75 3,75 4,75 5,63 6,65
200 1,75 2,00 2,75 3,50 3,50 4,50 5,25 6,30
300 1,38 1,63 2,50 3,25 3,25 4,25 4,88 5,95
400 1,13 1,38 2,25 3,00 2,75 3,75 4,13 5,25
500 1,08 1,33 2,00 2,75 2,50 3,50 3,75 4,90
1000 1,00 1,25 1,75 2,50 2,38 3,38 3,56 4,73
2000 0,93 1,18 1,63 2,38 2,25 3,25 3,38 4,55
5000 0,88 1,25 1,50 2,25 2,00 2,88 3,00 4,03
10000 0,83 1,00 1,43 2,13 1,88 2,25 2,81 3,15
100000 0,80 - 1,38 - 1,75 - - -

The price is indicated per one ball with a print of logo on one side.
Logo can be printed on all four sides.
Each logo can be printed in 4 colours at most.
Each additional colour = 0,70 Euro
You can pick colour of the ball from the main colours:

You can pick opaque or glossy colour.
The price is indicated without packing and additional decoration costs.
Packaging 1 ball 65 mm – 0.55 Euro, 80 mm – 0.65 euros, 100 mm – 0.75 Euro.
Packaging 2 ball 80 mm – 0.45 Euro.
Packaging 3 ball – 0.60 Euro.
Packaging 4 ball – 0.60 Euro.